All I got out of today’s episode, tbh

Makoto and Kisumi ♥ || F R E E ! Eternal Summer


I love that when Makoto first tells Haru he should visit him, he’s all tsundere 

imageBut upon considering the followingimageDoes a complete 180 and shows up like “Yes Husbando. I have come with lunch. For my Husbando. Whom is Mine. And not Kisumi’s.”imageThen shows up again the next day like “Look honey, I’ve brought the children.”image

image"Just in case there was any confusion that we are, in fact, married."


In today’s news Makoto Tachibana is confirmed as ideal parent


Coach Tachibana (◕‿◕✿)

  • Makoto: You remember Kisumi, right?
  • Haruka: *war flashbacks*

Actual married couple Haru and Makoto


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Free! Eternal Summer  |  Shigino Kisumi
"Strictly Marco-sexual"
Jean (Like a drum) ←


why is my own fanfiction so cheesy

"Straight-plus-Marco sounds like a really queer-as-hell sitcom starring you, Jean."
Reiner (Ch. 7 of His Beating Heart) ←


I’m doing 20 push-ups and 20 crunches every time Jean does or thinks something sexual in this update. It’s going well.

"I smirk at him, like, a really sexy smirk that he swoons over"

yolownly, his beating heart

god jean, you are so damn smooth

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